Ridger For Bed Planting

Popular P.S.W. Ridger For Bed Planting

Popular P.S.W. Ridger For Bed Planting
Easy and convenient arrangements made on Popular Two Furrow and Three Furrow surry ridger for preparing FLAT PLATEAU FOR BED PLANTING.

Bed-planting is essential for certain types of vegetable crops and fruit plants.

An arrangement exists for changing the width of the “Bed Plateau” as per one’s requirement and need.

The width of the Furrow openings can be narrowed down to a minimum of 11” (28 cm) which allows maximum width to the bed-plateau and thus more and wider bed-planting cab be accomplished and optimum usage of the farm is possible

The blade harrow attached in front of the ridger which can be moved up or down is used to smooth and pulverize the soil.

The Width of the “Bed Plateau” is 100cms. To increase the width and to get the required shape of the furrow openings the distance between the wings of the furrow bottoms should be adjusted accordingly.

Fix left side ridger furrow behind tyre center and the right side ridger furrow should be fixed and 100cms or more as per once requirement. The front blade harrow and the rear angle leveler, which makes the flat plateau, should also be adjusted accordingly.

An angle leveler is attached between the centers of the furrow bottoms at the rear side of the riders. This ensures preparation of flat plateau for Bed-Planting.

Since this implements has been designed and combined with a two or three furrow ridger therefore, it can be used as a regular two or three furrow ridger with removal of the attachments.

The furrows on either side of the “Bed-Plateau” can be utilized by farm labourers for cleaning operations like cutting weeds, unwanted outgrowth, thinning etc., and all other work related to planning operations.

The furrows on either side of the Bed can also be utilized for releasing water and or drip irrigation. Thus the plant gets just the right quantity of water and thereby the plant and the bed remain intact.

The furrows besides the Bed-Plateau keep water from standing on the row or washing soil in to the row if heavy rain occurs, thus avoiding damage to the crops.

When the crops/plants are small the furrow are utilized to run the tractor for spraying/ dusting insecticides, pesticides and other operations without damaging the crops.

After removing both the furrows of the ridger and also the rear angle leveler from the main frame and with proper adjustment of the blade harrow, this implement can be used for loosening the ground nuts from the soil, elevating the ground nuts and separating them from soil clods.

Specifications :

Models Length in mm Width in mm Height in mm Bed Capacity in mm Weight in Kg.
Two Furrow 1346 1930 1143 1000-1372 234
Three Furrow 1346 2235 1143 1000-1372 308