Side Cutter Plough

Popular P.S.W. Side Cutter Plough

This Implement is ideally suitable for ploughing and side cutting at the edges or borders of farm e.g. Working under the trees, close to bunds and fence posts.

The use of this implement helps in utillsing the unused soil near the edges or borders of the field.

It also helps in keeping the edges and borders of the soil of the farmland free of grass, roots, weeds etc.


Strong and sturdy construction.

Three point linkage.

Easy to operate.

Has the capacity to plough and side cut upto 14” (356 mm) from the outer edge of the tractor tyre. (right side)

Saves time, labour and increases profitability.

Specifications :

LENGTH in mm : 925
WIDTH in mm : 1575
HEIGHT in mm : 1194
WEIGHT in Kg. : 158