Popular P.S.W. Two Discs Disc Plough

Popular disc plough is most suitable for conditions such as in hard, dry soils and in sticky soils where a conventional plough will not scour and in loose, push type soil such as peat lands.

Popular disc plough cuts the soil with the help of discs which rotates on its axis.
After cutting the furrows into slices it is lifted up along the disc, and with the help of scrapper and gravity force, it is then thrown on one side being well scoured and pulverized.

Specifications :

Types : Two Discs Disc Plough
Length in mm : 1210
Width in mm : 872
Height in mm : 1270
Weight in mm : 260
Disc Diameter : 660
Disc Concavity : 105
Distance Between Two Disc : 530
Tilt Angle : 22.50
Disc Angle : 450
Disc Assembly Bearing : 32213