Barring & Healing Up Implement

Popular P.S.W. Barring & Healing Up Implement

Popular p.s.w. Off – Barring & Healing Up Implement
In Sugarcane crop cultivation after the sugarcane plant grows to a certain height in the furrows, it is then covered with part of the soil of the adjacent ridges by breaking – up and Loosening – up the ridges. This is known as Off – Barring & Healing – Up operation, which is short means, where earlier the furrow with sugarcane plant exited, is made into a ridge and where the ridge earlier existed is converted into a furrow. This is an important operation in sugarcane cultivation.

The conventional method for this important operation is carried out by use of implements made of wood, and light steel, drawn by a pair of bullocks. Thus such a necessary and important operation involves one person, and a pair bullocks. Moreover this is a very tedious and time consuming operation.

It consists of a single base ridger attached to the rear side of a steel frame. The front side of this frame consists of three tines, and at the boot of this tines are attached bar – points. The tines loosens up the soil of the ridges and the single base surry ridger makes a deep furrow, throwing up the soil to make a ridge where earlier the furrow with the plant existed.

This implement will help farmers to mechanise this operation and complete it very quickly. Thus larger field areas can be operated within very short periods of time.

Strong and robustly constructed.

Simple in design and easy to operate.
Three point mounting.

Sufficient under beam clearance.

Specifications :

Model Length in mm Width in mm Height in mm Under Beam Clearance in mm Weight in Kg.
Single Furrow 1524 915 mm 1042 mm 457 mm 183 Kg.
Two Furrow 1042 mm 457 mm