Popular cultivator is specially designed to perform many cultivation operations. Popular Cultivator with slight and easy adjustments can be made and used as a leveler or it can also be used to cut grass, weeds and breaking up of soil clods into smaller particle size by using the blade harrow provided. Hence it is a versatile implement.

Strong & robustly constructed.
Box type frame and box type tines made from thick and strong steel angles.
Almond shaped steel shovels for better performance.
Three Point mounting.
Easy to operate.

Can be used as a forward or reverse leveler.

It can be used as only Tiller / Cultivator by removing the leveling sheet and also the blade harrow & fixing the shovels provided.

Specifications :

Models Length Width Height Clearance Under Beam Clearance Tines Leveling Sheet Width Weight
35 H.P. 813 mm 1626 mm 1143 mm 610 mm 7 1626 mm 190 Kg.
40 H.P. 813 mm 1867 mm 1143 mm 610 mm 7 1829 mm 210 Kg.
50 H.P. 889 mm 2235 mm 1219 mm 686 mm 7 2235 mm 280 Kg.