Sugarcane Planter

Popular P.S.W. Sugarcane Planter

Popular P.S.W. Sugarcane Planter
The conventional methods of sugarcane Plantations require a large no. of human laborers and hence lots of time and energy is consumed in this operation Moreover, now-a-days this labour has become scarce and also expensive and most importantly they are not available on time.

Hence Popular Semi Automatic Sugarcane Planter will solve their problems to a very great extent, because it performs many functions of the sugarcane growing operations simultaneously.


Strong and robustly built.
Mounted to tractor by the three point linkages.
Simultaneously makes a pair of deep furrow openings for planting of sugarcane sets.
Width between two furrows can be adjusted from 30” to 36” (762 mm to 915mm)
Sugarcane seeds or sets fall into place in the furrows
All these operations are carried out simultaneously as the tractor move forward.
Very high quality gears, chain, bearing etc. is used.
Simple and easy to operate no complicated mechanisms involved.
Popular Sugarcane Planter is operated by three persons only a tractor driver and two persons sitting on either side (one above each furrow) on top of the planter. The sugarcane sets are made to fall from the cylindrical holder into the furrows. The men sitting on top refill empty holder with fresh sets from the storage box.
A pre-calibrated proportion of fertilizer is dropped from the box fixed to the planter.
Popular Sugarcane Planter by its utility helps in savings by way of labor cost etc. of plantation.

Specifications :


Length in mm Width  in mm Height in mm Weight in Kg.
1524 1829 1600 460 Kg.