Terracer Blade

Popular P.S.W. Terracer Blade

POPULAR P.S.W. Terracer Blade
Popular Terracer Blade is an ideal heavy duty implement with enough strength for scraping, grading, leveling and back-filling. It is the most suitable implement for irrigation, terrace work and general cleaning – up jobs.

Easy attachment to the tractor via three point linkages.

Sturdy all steel construction.

Strong and low cost implement.

Ideal implement for land leveling, grading, scrapping, back filling or ditching.

Depth controlled by tractor hydraulics.

Adjustable for angle and pitch of blade. Can be pitched forward and backward.

Can be angled left or right. Reversible for back – filling.

Specifications :


LENGTH in mm  : 1499
WIDTH in mm : 1854
BLADE HEIGHT in mm  : 482
WEIGHT in Kg.  : 180