Tiller Heavy Duty HD

Popular P.S.W.Tiller (Heavy Duty) H.D.

Popular P.S.w. Tiller (Heavy Duty) H.D.
Popular Tiller heavy duty (H.D.) is used for loosening and aerating the soil and preparing seed beds quickly and economically.

Features :

Three Point mounting.
Main frame is made up of 50mm. Solid square bar.
Tines can be moved laterally and vertically
Rear tines have duck foot shovels to give better tillage
Easy to operate.

Specifications :

Models Length in mm. Width in mm. Weight in Kg. (approx.)
7 Tine Tiller 700 1524 205
9 Tine Tiller 700 1956 272
11 Tine Tiller 700 2387 340
13 Tine Tiller 700 2820 410
15 Tine Tiller 700 3250 480